Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Field of Dreams Swimming - Week 1

Today Room 11 had their first Field of Dreams swimming lesson for the day. Here's a few pictures of us in our togs, ready to go! Thanks Mrs Airs for the photos :)

A reminder that we have swimming lessons every Thursday until Week 8. Children must bring their togs in a named swimming or plastic bag. 

Welcome back to Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4, everyone! The sun is shining and summer is definitely on the way. Here are a few videos/photos from Miss Chalmers' phone that didn't get posted before the end of last term. Stay tuned for another post to see what we've been up to during our first week back!

Jasmine's Writing for her Mum
Jasmine's Mum went on a big trip all the way to a country called Israel. Here is Jasmine's letter that she wrote for her mum. What awesome writing Jasmine!

Science in Mr Diack
Mr Diack took a really fun Science lesson in Room 11 towards the end of last term. They made a cannon out of a vacuum cleaner and a length of pipe! The children learnt all about air pressure during this lesson.


Chips, chips, chips!
Mrs Cowan and Miss Chalmers shouted Room 11 and 12 hot chips on the last day of Term 4 to celebrate an amazing term of learning. Ka pai, Room 11 and 12 - you put in the hard work to learn, grow and succeed this term.

Maui and Moana 
Congratulations to Payton and Ashton, who were both awarded certificates during Week 10 and were given the big responsibility of taking Maui and Moana home to look after for a night.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

PB4L certificates, Week 10, Term 3

Way to go, Aarav! Aarav was awarded this week's PB4L certificate at our Pukeko Team assembly. He tries very hard to always sit up nicely on the mat and listen carefully while other people speak. Signal Sam (and Miss Chalmers!) says "You're awesome, Aarav!"

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Maui and Moana Sleepovers - Week 9, Term 3

A special "ka pai" to Oceana, Jayden W and Payton (we'll get your photo up next week Payton!). These students were acknowledged this week for being fantastic team players in our Room 11 whanau. They are all helpful, caring and very, very respectful of others. They often "do good because good is good to do" by searching for jobs to do around the classroom and by looking for ways to help their peers. I'm sure Maui and Moana enjoyed their sleepovers!

Junior Kapa Haka visit to Clayton Park

Our neighbour's down at Clayton Park School very kindly invited our Junior Kapa Haka students down to their school last Wednesday to watch their school performance, "Seasons of the Pohutakawa". We enjoyed a show about about a Koro teaching his mokopuna about the growth of a Pohutakawa tree. We were blown away by the original, catchy songs, which were written in a mix of English and Te Reo. Thanks CPS, we had a blast!

Pukeko Science Fair and Science in a Van, Term 3, 2017

Wow, what a week! Our Pukeko Scientists have been super busy with both the Science in a Van Roadshow and our very own Pukeko Science Fair this week. 

The team from Science in a Van put on a great show for our Mad Scientists all about how materials behave and react. The show was inspiring, motivating, full of Science learning and very, very funny! Check out some of the photos in the slideshow below (click on the four arrows in the top righthand corner to view them in a larger format)

A now for the grand finale, the amalgamation of all our hard work this term....the Pukeko Team Science Fair! What a blast we had....the children were expert Scientists who could clearly explain their investigations while demonstrating their experiments to their audiences. We've had such positive feedback from parents and classes from across the school. 

To every single Pukeko child - "he whetu koe!" (you are a star!)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

PB4L Certificate, Week 9, Term 3

Congratulations to Ryder on being awarded our PB4L certificate at Pukeko assembly this week. Ryder is an absolute rockstar - he is respectful and always listens carefully to teachers and his peers. Ka pai, Ryder!