Sunday, 26 February 2017

PB4L Certificates - Jasmine and Blake

Congratulations to Jasmine and Blake who each won a PB4L certificate at our Pukeko Assembly this week. These two students always show respect on the mat by actively listening to the speaker as well as by keeping their hands and feet to themselves. What great role models!

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Jump Jam and House Spirit Day

On Friday it was House Spirit Day at Rere. Everyone got dressed up in their colours and met together as a house for the first time this year. The Pukeko Team got into the spirit by having a dance off during our Jump Jam session in the morning. Thanks Miss Glen for making the video!

Homework Rockstars!

Check out these children, who each won a certificate for completing outstanding homework this week. These children completed all of the activities to have a very high standard.

We have a number of children who are not handing in their homework books on Friday at the moment. This makes it tricky for Miss Chalmers to check in on your learning at home, and it also means that you can't complete your spelling testing for the week. A friendly reminder that homefun is sent out on Monday and due back again on Friday. Homefun is published on the blog, on google accounts and hard copies are also pasted into homefun books.

I wonder if anyone can earn a special Pukeko certificate next week for outstanding homework?

Payton's Trip to the Beach

How awesome is Payton?! She got busy writing a story this weekend all about how she went to the beach with her cousins. She made sure to send Miss Chalmers an email so that her writing could get put up onto the blog. Writing is just like reading - the more you do it, the better you get! If you do something special on the weekend or in the holidays, why not write a story about it and send it through to Miss Chalmers? If you've put enough effort into it, just like Payton has, we can feature it on the blog.

On sunday I went to the beach with my cousins, my Aunty and my brother.

1. When we got there the first thing me and one of my cousins did was play on the playground. It was fun as!

2.When we had enough of playing on the playground we went looking for crabs but first I found a coconut to put the crabs in.

3.We only found dead crabs. The first dead one I thought it wasn’t dead.

4.Then my brother and my other cousin told us there were more crabs so we went over to them.

5.When we found alive ones I got freaked out and I screamed really loud that everyone else was staring at me! Can you believe I can scream that loud? omg.

6.Before we came back I left the crabs at the beach. I did keep the coconut.
This is the coconut that I found #socool.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Fitness in the Pukeko Team

We have structured Fitness and Physical Education Programmes at Reremoana School. In the Pukeko Team we do fitness activities together first thing in the morning. This helps us to get our brains flowing (it takes some of us a little while to wake up, including Miss Chalmers!) and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Here's what we get up to for fitness each day:

Monday - Circuit Training
Tuesday - Long Distance Running
Wednesday - Circuit Training
Friday - Jump Jam

We also play sports each week (it's hockey at the moment) and have team games every Wednesday afternoon. In amongst all that, sometimes we just like to play games for a quick 'brain break'. Here's Room 11 and 12 out enjoying the sunshine while playing "Triangle Tag". 

A friendly reminder to please make sure all students bring their hat each day. We are aiming for 100% of our Pukeko students wearing their hat each day. It's not much fun when we have to sit out while all our friends enjoy playing games together!

Monday, 20 February 2017

Congratulations Amelia and Jayden

A big congratulations goes out to Amelia and Jayden who were both awarded Pukeko certificates last week. Jayden and Amelia always try their best to follow adult instructions at school (this was our school-wide PB4L focus last week). They listen, show respect and ask questions if they are unsure. Way to go you two - you are absolute rock stars!

House Spirit Day this Friday

One of the Kereru children in Mrs Notley's class made this advertisement for us about House Spirit Day this Friday. Almost all the information in the advert is correct. The only problem is that they must have made a spelling mistake - Kowhai is definitely the best house! (Disclaimer: Miss Chalmers is in Kowhai!) Get into House Spirit by dressing up in your colours on Friday.
House Spirit Day
On Friday the 24th of Febuary our school is going to be having a parade. We need to come in our house colours which are Kauri (the best), Kowhai, Totora and Rimu. Which represent the colours of blue, yellow, green and red. There will be a meeting for the whole school but in their house colours starting at 2:00 pm. Kauri house will be held in the library, Kowhai house will be held in rooms 7 and 8. Totora will be held in rooms 15 and 16 and Rimu will be held in the hall.

Jasmine's Weekend Up North

Jasmine spent a lot of time writing a story today for the blog about her weekend up North. She is a wonderful story teller! You can just hear her voice as you read her story. 

Blog visitors: Please leave a comment in the section below for Jasmine to read. Maybe you could compliment her on her story, or tell us about trips you have been on in New Zealand. Go on, don't leave us hanging without a comment!!!

My weekend - By Jasmine

On my exciting weekend I spent time with my family. And it was so fun! Come on let me tell you about my weekend. I have lots to tell you. The day when I left was on friday  and I was having  a trip with my family and I have been on heaps of trips at up north.  So let’s get on to the other trip.  Well when we saw the pool we got into the room and got our togs on as fast as we could. Then we jumped in the pool and made a big splash! We still went in even though it was cold. The time when we hopped out we got even colder. On the same day we saw the sand dune. It was a long way to go to the sand dune. The sand dune is a big mountain full of sand where you can slide down. You should go ahead and try it one day! The next day, when we went out for a sunny day, we went to see Tane Mahuta. Tane Mahuta is a big tree. I think some of you might know it. I loved the way I got see some other big trees too. I love spending time with my family up North. My favourite part was seeing Tane Mahuta.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Chapter Chat - Week 1

On Friday the Pukeko Team had their first real-deal Chapter Chat session. Guess how many tweets Room 11 and 12 sent? 148 to be exact! How awesome is that? We answered five questions to do with the story "Tuesday's at the Castle"...the tricky part was using only 140 characters for each tweet. This type of learning is great for so many reasons. Here's just a few reasons why Chapter Chat will help us with our learning:

- We learn to justify our answers to the text by saying "I think...because...". In the NZ Curriculum, children at level two (that's us!) need to be thinking critically about the stories we read. That's exactly what we are doing with Chapter Chat!
- We learn how to summarise our main ideas (using only 140 characters per tweet can be tricky so we have to make sure we are including only the most important parts)
- We learn to actively listen during story time on the mat. We can't be zoning out or day dreaming because then we'll miss parts of the story and won't be able to answer the questions. 
- We get to be creative by completing tasks relating to the book each week - last week we drew pictures of our mums and wrote descriptions about them, just like Queen C in the book! (It was a shame the dye we put over the pictures made the pen run - we're sure you mums out there would have loved them 😟)
- Most of all...Chapter Chat is FUN and gets us excited about our learning. We look forward to reading Tuesdays at the Castle each day, and developing a genuine love of reading is what it's all about. 

Here are a few "Terrific Tweets" for the week:

Please pop over to our Twitter Page (we're Rockin' Room 11) to see the rest of our tweets. You can "like" the ones that you think are well written. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Self Portraits - Video by Lesieli and Macie

Our self portraits are now hanging proudly in Room 11! Lesieli and Macie have worked very hard to create a video of each student showing off their artwork. The girls did everything from taking the photos to editing the video to choosing the music. We hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Congratulations, Amelia!

Congratulations to Amelia, who was awarded a Pukeko Certificate this week. Amelia tries hard with all her learning and always looks for ways to be helpful in the classroom. You rock, Amelia!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Welcome, Mrs Honey!

We are very lucky in Room 11. We have two teachers this term! Miss Chalmers has one day classroom release most weeks in order to work on her other roles and responsibilities around the school. Mrs Honey is well loved at Reremoana School - she spends time in lots of classes around the school so everyone knows who she is. Miss Chalmers and Mrs Honey work very hard to make sure the classroom programme is not disrupted and continues to flow smoothly. Just like Miss Chalmers, Mrs Honey knows the students very well and is familiar with their achievement, goals and next learning steps.

Here's a little bit of information about how teacher release time works:

All New Zealand teachers receive a mandatory component of ‘Classroom Release Time’, or non contact time, each term. The amount of time teachers receive varies according to experience and leadership responsibilities. Teachers use this valuable time for a range of tasks such as spending time with individual children doing in-depth testing and assessment (particularly in literacy and numeracy), small group work, observation of other teachers, professional reading and research, updating records etc. Where possible we try to have a consistent release teacher to provide the release for each class, each term.

Check out what Room 11 are up to with Mrs Honey today. Not clues as to what we will be turning these colour wheels into :)

Monday, 13 February 2017

Congratulations Blake and Millar!

Today in Writing were learning how to use exciting vocabulary to keep our audience interested. We watched a video and read an article about the 416 whales that stranded at Farewell Spit in the South Island this week. We were sad that so many whales died, but we decided that it was a happy ending because 100 whales were rescued. They joined a new pod when they swam out into the bay.

Blake and Millar worked really hard on their stories. Look how many interesting words they included from the vocabulary chart! They went over to celebrate with Mrs Cowan - can you believe they got a principal's award for all their hard work??!! Ka pai, boys!!

Blake's story, page 1

Blake's story, page 2

Millar's story

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Chapter Chat - Rockin' Room 11!

The term the Pukeko Team are doing something really exciting as part of our reading programme. Rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14 have all signed up to something called "Chapter Chat". Chapter Chat is where 100 Year 3/4 classes from across New Zealand chat and share responses to a particular chapter book on Twitter. This term everyone will be reading the book "Tuesdays at the Castle" by Jessica Day George. Room 11 are already so excited about using Twitter! We had two trial runs last week just to make sure we knew how to send a tweet before the real chat starts this Friday (Miss Chalmers had a lot of learning to do about Twitter too!!!)

How does it work?

Every day each class will read a little bit of "Tuesdays at the Castle" and complete activities during independent learning time. Every Friday at 10am we go live! Each child will be logged into Twitter ready to answer some questions about the chapters they have read so far. 

Why Chapter Chat?

- The main focus for Chapter Chat is to foster a love of books! Chapter Chat is about books!

- Chapter Chat as a way to get children connecting with others. 

- Chapter Chat is about an audience! Children love having an audience for their learning and one of our goals is to provide it.

- Chapter Chat is a place where children can learn about Cyber Safety in real time. It teaches children how to behave in an appropriate way online.

- Chapter Chat supports children with quality writing. Tweeting is not just for fun but a place where we can practise and develop our writing skills.

Keeping Safe on Social Media!

In order to make sure we can monitor all activity while we are on Twitter, all children will be using the one classroom account. Teachers will check tweets before they are sent and systems have been put in place to limit what children can view while they are on Twitter. We will be using Twitter solely for the purposes of Chapter Chat. We believe this is a really fun and authentic way to teach children about digital citizenship and online safety.

Can I Follow Along?
Sure! If you have a twitter account, you can follow our class (Rockin' Room 11) The chat takes place between 10-10.55am every Friday. Feel free to comment on any of our posts - it keeps us really motivated and shows us that people are reading our tweets! You can also find out more about the Chapter Chat programme on the organiser's website. 

Questions for Blog Visitors! (that's you, parents and families!) What types of books did you like to read when you were at school? Did you have a favourite? Miss Chalmers likes "Charlotte's Web" and remembers her new entrant teacher reading it to her when she was just five!