Sunday, 12 February 2017

Chapter Chat - Rockin' Room 11!

The term the Pukeko Team are doing something really exciting as part of our reading programme. Rooms 11, 12, 13 and 14 have all signed up to something called "Chapter Chat". Chapter Chat is where 100 Year 3/4 classes from across New Zealand chat and share responses to a particular chapter book on Twitter. This term everyone will be reading the book "Tuesdays at the Castle" by Jessica Day George. Room 11 are already so excited about using Twitter! We had two trial runs last week just to make sure we knew how to send a tweet before the real chat starts this Friday (Miss Chalmers had a lot of learning to do about Twitter too!!!)

How does it work?

Every day each class will read a little bit of "Tuesdays at the Castle" and complete activities during independent learning time. Every Friday at 10am we go live! Each child will be logged into Twitter ready to answer some questions about the chapters they have read so far. 

Why Chapter Chat?

- The main focus for Chapter Chat is to foster a love of books! Chapter Chat is about books!

- Chapter Chat as a way to get children connecting with others. 

- Chapter Chat is about an audience! Children love having an audience for their learning and one of our goals is to provide it.

- Chapter Chat is a place where children can learn about Cyber Safety in real time. It teaches children how to behave in an appropriate way online.

- Chapter Chat supports children with quality writing. Tweeting is not just for fun but a place where we can practise and develop our writing skills.

Keeping Safe on Social Media!

In order to make sure we can monitor all activity while we are on Twitter, all children will be using the one classroom account. Teachers will check tweets before they are sent and systems have been put in place to limit what children can view while they are on Twitter. We will be using Twitter solely for the purposes of Chapter Chat. We believe this is a really fun and authentic way to teach children about digital citizenship and online safety.

Can I Follow Along?
Sure! If you have a twitter account, you can follow our class (Rockin' Room 11) The chat takes place between 10-10.55am every Friday. Feel free to comment on any of our posts - it keeps us really motivated and shows us that people are reading our tweets! You can also find out more about the Chapter Chat programme on the organiser's website. 

Questions for Blog Visitors! (that's you, parents and families!) What types of books did you like to read when you were at school? Did you have a favourite? Miss Chalmers likes "Charlotte's Web" and remembers her new entrant teacher reading it to her when she was just five!

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  1. When I was at school, I also loved Charlotte's Web - in fact I read it to Amelia and Kate last year. I also liked Enid Blyton, especially The Wishing Chair, and the Far Away Tree. My new entrant teacher at Hillpark Primary was Mrs Jones, it was called J1 back then. I was very sick and spent a lot of time in hospital when I was 5 & 6, and my teachers would send a card to the hospital that my class had made. From Amelia B's Mum xx