Saturday, 18 February 2017

Chapter Chat - Week 1

On Friday the Pukeko Team had their first real-deal Chapter Chat session. Guess how many tweets Room 11 and 12 sent? 148 to be exact! How awesome is that? We answered five questions to do with the story "Tuesday's at the Castle"...the tricky part was using only 140 characters for each tweet. This type of learning is great for so many reasons. Here's just a few reasons why Chapter Chat will help us with our learning:

- We learn to justify our answers to the text by saying "I think...because...". In the NZ Curriculum, children at level two (that's us!) need to be thinking critically about the stories we read. That's exactly what we are doing with Chapter Chat!
- We learn how to summarise our main ideas (using only 140 characters per tweet can be tricky so we have to make sure we are including only the most important parts)
- We learn to actively listen during story time on the mat. We can't be zoning out or day dreaming because then we'll miss parts of the story and won't be able to answer the questions. 
- We get to be creative by completing tasks relating to the book each week - last week we drew pictures of our mums and wrote descriptions about them, just like Queen C in the book! (It was a shame the dye we put over the pictures made the pen run - we're sure you mums out there would have loved them 😟)
- Most of all...Chapter Chat is FUN and gets us excited about our learning. We look forward to reading Tuesdays at the Castle each day, and developing a genuine love of reading is what it's all about. 

Here are a few "Terrific Tweets" for the week:

Please pop over to our Twitter Page (we're Rockin' Room 11) to see the rest of our tweets. You can "like" the ones that you think are well written. 

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