Monday, 20 February 2017

House Spirit Day this Friday

One of the Kereru children in Mrs Notley's class made this advertisement for us about House Spirit Day this Friday. Almost all the information in the advert is correct. The only problem is that they must have made a spelling mistake - Kowhai is definitely the best house! (Disclaimer: Miss Chalmers is in Kowhai!) Get into House Spirit by dressing up in your colours on Friday.
House Spirit Day
On Friday the 24th of Febuary our school is going to be having a parade. We need to come in our house colours which are Kauri (the best), Kowhai, Totora and Rimu. Which represent the colours of blue, yellow, green and red. There will be a meeting for the whole school but in their house colours starting at 2:00 pm. Kauri house will be held in the library, Kowhai house will be held in rooms 7 and 8. Totora will be held in rooms 15 and 16 and Rimu will be held in the hall.

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