Monday, 20 February 2017

Jasmine's Weekend Up North

Jasmine spent a lot of time writing a story today for the blog about her weekend up North. She is a wonderful story teller! You can just hear her voice as you read her story. 

Blog visitors: Please leave a comment in the section below for Jasmine to read. Maybe you could compliment her on her story, or tell us about trips you have been on in New Zealand. Go on, don't leave us hanging without a comment!!!

My weekend - By Jasmine

On my exciting weekend I spent time with my family. And it was so fun! Come on let me tell you about my weekend. I have lots to tell you. The day when I left was on friday  and I was having  a trip with my family and I have been on heaps of trips at up north.  So let’s get on to the other trip.  Well when we saw the pool we got into the room and got our togs on as fast as we could. Then we jumped in the pool and made a big splash! We still went in even though it was cold. The time when we hopped out we got even colder. On the same day we saw the sand dune. It was a long way to go to the sand dune. The sand dune is a big mountain full of sand where you can slide down. You should go ahead and try it one day! The next day, when we went out for a sunny day, we went to see Tane Mahuta. Tane Mahuta is a big tree. I think some of you might know it. I loved the way I got see some other big trees too. I love spending time with my family up North. My favourite part was seeing Tane Mahuta.

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  1. Dion - Kurts Dad29 August 2017 at 23:51

    Great story!! One day I would like to see Tane Mahuta. Dion - Kurts Dad.