Saturday, 25 February 2017

Payton's Trip to the Beach

How awesome is Payton?! She got busy writing a story this weekend all about how she went to the beach with her cousins. She made sure to send Miss Chalmers an email so that her writing could get put up onto the blog. Writing is just like reading - the more you do it, the better you get! If you do something special on the weekend or in the holidays, why not write a story about it and send it through to Miss Chalmers? If you've put enough effort into it, just like Payton has, we can feature it on the blog.

On sunday I went to the beach with my cousins, my Aunty and my brother.

1. When we got there the first thing me and one of my cousins did was play on the playground. It was fun as!

2.When we had enough of playing on the playground we went looking for crabs but first I found a coconut to put the crabs in.

3.We only found dead crabs. The first dead one I thought it wasn’t dead.

4.Then my brother and my other cousin told us there were more crabs so we went over to them.

5.When we found alive ones I got freaked out and I screamed really loud that everyone else was staring at me! Can you believe I can scream that loud? omg.

6.Before we came back I left the crabs at the beach. I did keep the coconut.
This is the coconut that I found #socool.

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  1. That is a realy cool coco nut you are so lucky.