Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Welcome, Mrs Honey!

We are very lucky in Room 11. We have two teachers this term! Miss Chalmers has one day classroom release most weeks in order to work on her other roles and responsibilities around the school. Mrs Honey is well loved at Reremoana School - she spends time in lots of classes around the school so everyone knows who she is. Miss Chalmers and Mrs Honey work very hard to make sure the classroom programme is not disrupted and continues to flow smoothly. Just like Miss Chalmers, Mrs Honey knows the students very well and is familiar with their achievement, goals and next learning steps.

Here's a little bit of information about how teacher release time works:

All New Zealand teachers receive a mandatory component of ‘Classroom Release Time’, or non contact time, each term. The amount of time teachers receive varies according to experience and leadership responsibilities. Teachers use this valuable time for a range of tasks such as spending time with individual children doing in-depth testing and assessment (particularly in literacy and numeracy), small group work, observation of other teachers, professional reading and research, updating records etc. Where possible we try to have a consistent release teacher to provide the release for each class, each term.

Check out what Room 11 are up to with Mrs Honey today. Not clues as to what we will be turning these colour wheels into :)

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