Friday, 17 March 2017

A 'Weally' Wonderful Wheelay

On Friday afternoon each class in the school went out to the soccer field in participate in the House Wheelay Event. A wheelay race is when 12 teams are lined up on the spokes of a large wheel that has been painted onto the grass. Each team passes a baton through their team members on the spoke until it gets to the outermost person, who then runs around the circumference of the wheel. The first team to have every player run around the wheel wins. We haven't done a wheelay at Reremoana for a few years because we're getting so big now. Well done to our school student counsellors who suggested we split up into a senior and junior wheelay race.

Check out the photos below (the good ones are from our resident photographer, Ms Fothergill - the other ones are all Miss Chalmers could get with her iphone!) Apologies to any students I missed - you must have been running too fast!!

Question for our Blog Visitors - what was your favourite sport to play when you were at school and why? Miss Chalmers loved playing Tapuae - the traditional Maori game where you have to beat the other team and be the first to knock down a cone in the middle of the court. Tapuae and swimming were about the only sports Miss Chalmers was any good at when she was at school!


  1. Hi Miss Chalmers and R11 - thanks for the compliments about my photos. When I was at school I really enjoyed playing softball in the summer and netball in winter. When I was away from school my sport was horse riding!