Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Dog Safety Education

We had two lovely visitors come to our class today.

-14 years old
-English springer spaniel
-Show dog and a trained education dog

-1 years old
-English springer spaniel
-1st school visit and training to be an education dog

Did you know that there is a high percentage of dogs who bite which you are likely to already know...


Why do dogs bite?

  • They get scared and want to protect themselves. They might get a fright or think they are threatened. 
  • You might have hurt them.
  • Young dogs may bite because their teeth are growing and they are trying to fix the pain themselves. 
  • They might want to play with you and think it's a game.
  • If you are running they might think it’s a game. Ask yourself how might they catch you? They don't have hands so they might use their teeth. 
  • It might be too loud (high pitched) area. 

Remember dogs don’t have a voice and this is how they will tell you they don't like something. The main reason they bite is from fear.

What to do if a dog approaches you?

  • Stand still 
  • Don't scream
  • Stay calm
  • Put your bag in front of you (if you have one) 
  • If you don’t have a bag put a jacket in front (if you have one)
  • You could use a book (if you have one)
  • If you can ask for help
  • If you are at school tell a teacher 
  • Always keep your front to the dog 
  • Slowly move around if you can't see them 
  • If possible put your back against a fence or tree 
  • Put your hands under your armpits so they can't bit them
  • Always stand up
If the dog knocks you over...
  • Put your hands behind your neck and ears and have your face down so it can't bite you hands ears or face. 
  • Stay down like a turtle.
  • Do not scream.
  • Stay quiet. 

What if you see a dog you want to pat who's with their owner?

  • Ask nicely in a quiet tone to pat the dog. 
  • If the owner says yes, let the dog sniff you by putting your hand in a fist near its nose.  
  • Step up to their shoulder, pat the dog down their back. 
  • Do not go anywhere near their head. 
  • Once you have finished, say thanks to the owner and walk away. 

If you see a dog on its leash leave it alone!
If you don’t know a dog don’t go near it!
Don’t scream stay calm, stay quiet and stay still!

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