Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Our Mathematics Programme

Have you popped in to Room 11 to see our new Math display? In our class we 💜 Math! Earlier in the term each child was given a mystery piece of paper to colour in. Once we were all finished we put the pieces of paper together like a puzzle - the end result was our collaborative "We Heart Math" poster. It's pretty massive! Doesn't it look great?

Underneath, we have displayed some of the strategies that Miss Chalmers' Math class have been learning about, including using tidy tens to solve addition and change unknown equations. 

Here are the types of things children need to learn at each stage. The National Standard for the end of the third year at school is Early Stage Five and the National Standard for the end of Year 4 is solid Stage 5. Each stage is made up of "Strategy" and "Knowledge" components. The knowledge ones are the easiest to practise at home because they involve rote learning. Miss Chalmers recommends putting a basic facts chart on the fridge, or even on the back of the toilet door so that children can practise as much as possible. 


Question for Blog Visitors (that's you, parents and families!): What are your memories of doing Math at school? We know it was a bit different than it is now! Tell us a story....

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