Monday, 10 April 2017

Kurt's Graffiti Art Slide

The coolest thing happened with Kurt and his family last Saturday. He was in the car with his mum and sister when they came across a Graffiti artist called Monty. They stopped the car and went to check out his art work - check out the slides to see how amazing the mural is!

How fantastic is it that Kurt went straight home to write about what he saw. What a star!

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Maui and the Sun

This term we have been learning about Maui Myths and Legends in the Pukeko Team. Can you guess what Disney movie we were inspired by?

One of our favourite stories, that Miss Chalmers must have read at least 5 times this term, is about how Maui slowed the sun. We are still working on our writing, but here is the piece we were wrote together as a class. We were working on using time connectives and past tense verbs. 

A long time ago, in Aotearoa, lived Maui and his brothers. Maui was frustrated because there were never enough hours in the day to do all their chores. One day Maui and his brothers travelled to a deep pit. They found the sun sleeping inside the pit, waiting to be awoken. Just when the sun started to rise, Maui and his brother threw a rope over it! Although the sun was strong, Maui and his brothers managed to capture the sun. The sun was very angry. While his brothers pulled on the ropes, Maui explained to the sun that it needed to move more slowly across the sky so that there would be more hours in the day. Finally the sun gave up - he knew he was beaten. Before long the brothers let go of their ropes and the sun rose up slowly. From that day on, the sun flew slowly across the sky and Maui became known as the man who could tame the sun.  

Our latest piece of art is now up on display in the classroom. Check out the muscles of the children in Room 11 as they catch the mighty sun and attempt to slow him down. 

PB4L Certificates

Check out the winners of our Week 9 and 10 Pukeko PB4L certificates! Way to go Damon, Jayden W and Jay! (Boy Power!!) These awards were presented to these children for consistently making positive learning choices at school. Aren't they awesome?

Bill English is Coming to Reremoana School!! (or is he???)

Miss M got the whole Pukeko Team plus a few of the Kiwi classes together after lunchtime on Friday for a special announcement. Mr Bill English, our Prime Minister, had written to Mrs Cowan saying that he would be visiting our school early this week. Check out the letter below:

It was a big ask, but the Pukeko classes (+ a few Kiwis) got to cutting the grass on the rugby field to exactly 5cm. We couldn't let Mr Bill English get dirty shoes! He's far too important for that!

Here's a video of us preparing for our Prime Minister's visit to Reremoana School. If you're a bit short on time, you can skip straight to the end when the teachers give the students a bit of a surprise ending! We'll give you a hint, it's two words and starts with A______ F______!!!