Sunday, 2 April 2017

Bill English is Coming to Reremoana School!! (or is he???)

Miss M got the whole Pukeko Team plus a few of the Kiwi classes together after lunchtime on Friday for a special announcement. Mr Bill English, our Prime Minister, had written to Mrs Cowan saying that he would be visiting our school early this week. Check out the letter below:

It was a big ask, but the Pukeko classes (+ a few Kiwis) got to cutting the grass on the rugby field to exactly 5cm. We couldn't let Mr Bill English get dirty shoes! He's far too important for that!

Here's a video of us preparing for our Prime Minister's visit to Reremoana School. If you're a bit short on time, you can skip straight to the end when the teachers give the students a bit of a surprise ending! We'll give you a hint, it's two words and starts with A______ F______!!!


  1. My mum thought that it was extremley funny but I thourght that it was'ent funny at all and it was not a nice april foals for me.

  2. this is fantastic, I need to remember this one for my yard next year!!