Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Term 2 Photo Drop

Ooops! We slacked off with the blog posts a little bit towards the end of last term. Never fear though - we're back and eager to start sharing our learning through the blog once again. Here is a big "photo drop" of some of the things we got up to in Room 11 during the few weeks of Term 2. 

Blowing Bubbles to inspire our writing. Here is the story we created together:

I kicked my feet as I slowly strolled across the sandy beach. The sky was gloomy and the clouds were crying. My shoulders were slumped as I stared at my feet. Suddenly, a bright bottle caught my eye. It was magical bottle of bubble mixture! I put the wand to my lips and blew a big, glossy bubble. It was enchanting! I raised my head to see a glimpse of sunlight shining through the receding clouds. The polished bubble scooped me up and lifted me into another world. I felt free and lighthearted as I floated through the clouds. 

Creating clay taonga as part of our Te Marae and Maori Tikanga studies...

Finishing up our persuasive writing unit by writing our favourite piece yet..."Persuade Miss Chalmers to buy ice cream for the class" - needless to say they succeeded!

Room 11 Speech Competition...way to go, children! You were brave, confident and made your parents and teacher very proud.

Life Education Van - we learnt all about making good choices at school and how to be a good friend. We also talked about how being different from other people is really cool! Our favourite part of going to the Life Education Van is always seeing Harold the Giraffe!

Pajama Day - thanks Ash for bringing along some delish cup cakes to celebrate your birthday!

Another hands-on activity to inspire writing. This time we flew hovercrafts around the room! The hovercrafts were made out of CDs, old drink bottle lids and balloons. It was really fun! We also watched this funny video.