Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Jayden J and Brody - Adding Decimal Numbers

Check this out! Jayden J and Brody use Screencastify to demonstrate how they add two decimal numbers together. I love they way you explain your thinking in each video, boys!

Oobleck Video

Here is a video of Room 11 making Oobleck as part of our Science Programme last week. We were trying to decide if the Oobleck is a solid or a liquid - what do you think?

Parents, if you want to skip straight to your child, here are the times:

1sec - 45 sec - Keira, Amelia B, Amelia F,  Oceana
45 sec - 1.30min - Kurt,  Jay, Xavier, Ryder
1.30min - 2.15min - Lesieli, Ella-Zae, Payton,  Jasmine
2.15min - 2.57min - Ash,  Jayden W,  Ryder, Stuart
2.57min - 3.27min - Brody,  Kael, Isabella,  Jason

Sunday, 6 August 2017

PB4L - Week 3

Congratulations to Stuart on being awarded this week's PB4L certificate for being respectful by looking after equipment. Ka pai, Stuart - you're awesome!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Isabella Teaches Art

It's topsy turvy in Room 11 this term! The students are becoming the teachers and the teacher has become the student! The children have been given the opportunity to spend 20 mins on a Friday teaching the class about something they are either really good at or something they just love to do. There are so many benefits to this: the children get to share their interests and passions, they get to practise their leadership and oral language skills and they get to learn about the concept of ako (we all learn from each other, not just the teacher!). Today we jumped right in and had Isabella (oops, make that Miss Comer!) teacher us how to create Samoan/Maori art based on a design she came up with entirely in her head. Ka Rawe (excellent!) Miss Comer - Miss Chalmers might give up her day job and let you take over!

"MISS COMER is me, Isabella. I was teaching Room 11 Samoan and Maori art today on 4/8/17. Every Friday one child gets a chance to teach something that they love to do or are really good at. I chose art because it’s one of my favourite things to do and I’m super good at it. The art I chose to do was a pattern - kind of a wavy art. I really liked that Oceana put a lot of effort into it and Miss Chalmers was amazing too. If I get a chance another time who knows what I will do next! But next it is Ryder’s turn - he is teaching us how to do boxing."


Thursday, 3 August 2017


It's all about the science in Room 11 this week! The teachers can't believe how excited everyone is about the Pukeko Science Fair coming up in Week 9. Our Science Unit this term is all about Chemical Reactions and boy, have we started off with a bang! We've made raisins dance, we've blown up balloons using carbon dioxide and we almost made Miss Chalmers explode when we got 'oobleck' all over the carpet!

At the same time as learning about chemical reactions, we have also been learning about the Scientific Method.

So far we have focused on developing 'hypotheses' which we know is a fancy word for 'predict', which is a fancy word for 'guess'!

Before each experiment we write down a hypothesis, the method for completing the experiment and what equipment we will need. Afterwards we spend time writing down a conclusion to explain scientific reason for the chemical reaction we observed.

Check out the science experiments we have completed so far...

Fizz Balloons

We were very excited to complete our first science experiment for the term - "Fizz Balloons". Who knew it could be so dangerous? We had a couple of balloons pop off the bottle and ping across the room! In this experiment we learnt that vinegar is an acid and baking soda is a base. When they mix together a chemical reaction happens that results in carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide makes tiny bubbles that make the balloon raise up.

 Bouncing Raisins

This was another baking soda and vinegar experiment but this time we used white vinegar instead of malt vinegar. We loved sniffing the bottle because it smelled like Salt n Vinegar chips! No-one believed Miss Chalmers when she explained that she likes to put vinegar on her fish and chips...yum yum! In this experiment we watched raisins jump and dance in a glass full of warm water, vinegar and baking soda.  We learnt that the carbon dioxide made little bubbles that stuck to the wrinkles of the raisins. The raisins then floated to the surface when they popped! Without the bubbles to keep them afloat, the raisins sunk back down to the bottom only to start the whole process all over again. This experiment was really weird and hardly anyone had a correct hypothesis, including Miss Chalmers! We thought you would need more vinegar and baking soda, but it turns out it's having the correct amount of warm water that makes all the difference. 


Yep, this one can get a little messy! For this science experiment our learning was all about States of Matter. We learnt that everything around us is a type of matter that is made up of billions of particles. We also learnt that there are three states of matter - solids, liquids and gases (you can imagine the jokes with THAT one!). After we talked about how an object or substance is either a solid, liquid or gas, Miss Chalmers threw in a curve ball and had us make OOBLECK! Is it a liquid? Is it a solid? Even scientists are stumped on that one!!