Friday, 4 August 2017

Isabella Teaches Art

It's topsy turvy in Room 11 this term! The students are becoming the teachers and the teacher has become the student! The children have been given the opportunity to spend 20 mins on a Friday teaching the class about something they are either really good at or something they just love to do. There are so many benefits to this: the children get to share their interests and passions, they get to practise their leadership and oral language skills and they get to learn about the concept of ako (we all learn from each other, not just the teacher!). Today we jumped right in and had Isabella (oops, make that Miss Comer!) teacher us how to create Samoan/Maori art based on a design she came up with entirely in her head. Ka Rawe (excellent!) Miss Comer - Miss Chalmers might give up her day job and let you take over!

"MISS COMER is me, Isabella. I was teaching Room 11 Samoan and Maori art today on 4/8/17. Every Friday one child gets a chance to teach something that they love to do or are really good at. I chose art because it’s one of my favourite things to do and I’m super good at it. The art I chose to do was a pattern - kind of a wavy art. I really liked that Oceana put a lot of effort into it and Miss Chalmers was amazing too. If I get a chance another time who knows what I will do next! But next it is Ryder’s turn - he is teaching us how to do boxing."


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