Thursday, 31 August 2017

Science, Science and even more Science!

Thank you so much to all the families in Room 11 who have been supporting their child with their Science Project at home. Everyone in the class has their science board and ingredients/equipment ready to go! I think it's safe to say that Science is a firm favourite subject in Room 11 at the moment, and our learning has been tremendous. Stay tuned to hear more about the key concepts we have been exploring. 

Here's a few pictures of us painting our boards in the sun - wasn't Wednesday a beautiful day? Too bad it didn't last!

 Here are some photos of some of the children sharing their Science experiments with their peers. Children will be repeating their experiments for the Kiwi, Tui and Kereru teams during our Celebration slot in Week 9.


  1. we are looking ford to do the science

  2. cool room 11 you have done some impressive work

  3. cool room 11 some impressive work i see

  4. hi room 11 i liked that kurts science experiment worked out and it sunked to the bottom and it looked like it was cooking the egg.

    by jayden.j

  5. These experiments look very interesting. Lots of great science going on here. Well done.