Sunday, 10 September 2017

Singing with Ms F

Ms Fothergill taught Room 11 for an hour last week. She taught a writing lesson but of course, all the children wanted to do was sing! Did you know Ms F can play the guitar? She taught Room 11 a song about a cowboy called's a video of us singing. Not bad for only two practises!

Question for all Blog Visitors: Do you remember any songs you used to sing at primary school? Miss Chalmers remembers all the kapa haka songs!

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  1. Sure do, I remember the songs from primary intermediate and highschool.
    Songs suchs as the following
    Some of them were from the Kiwi Kidsongs (Publisher: Wellington, N.Z. : Learning Media, Ministry of Education, 1990.)

    “Le 'Aute”
    Fish n Chips
    Edith the elf
    Down to the country
    Going to the murderhouse (the dental nurse)
    Maori Battalion march to victory
    One man went to mow
    All the songs sung at Manurewa Intermediate
    A song about the first 12 days of school