Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Welcome back to Term 4!

Welcome back to Term 4, everyone! The sun is shining and summer is definitely on the way. Here are a few videos/photos from Miss Chalmers' phone that didn't get posted before the end of last term. Stay tuned for another post to see what we've been up to during our first week back!

Jasmine's Writing for her Mum
Jasmine's Mum went on a big trip all the way to a country called Israel. Here is Jasmine's letter that she wrote for her mum. What awesome writing Jasmine!

Science in Mr Diack
Mr Diack took a really fun Science lesson in Room 11 towards the end of last term. They made a cannon out of a vacuum cleaner and a length of pipe! The children learnt all about air pressure during this lesson.


Chips, chips, chips!
Mrs Cowan and Miss Chalmers shouted Room 11 and 12 hot chips on the last day of Term 4 to celebrate an amazing term of learning. Ka pai, Room 11 and 12 - you put in the hard work to learn, grow and succeed this term.

Maui and Moana 
Congratulations to Payton and Ashton, who were both awarded certificates during Week 10 and were given the big responsibility of taking Maui and Moana home to look after for a night.

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