Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Water Safety - Field of Dreams Swimming

A blog post from Miss Yip

This week was lesson five at the pools and it sure was fun! Room 11 all wore life jackets and plunged into the deep pool! Some of us were nervous while others took to it like ducks on water. We learnt how to fall into the water with a life jacket on and swim on our backs. It was a bit daunting having to fall in backwards but we all gave it a go! We learned how we should huddle together to keep warm if we are ever out in the water and need to wait for help. Thanks to all the parents and family members who have been coming along to help and support Room 11. You've been fantastic!

Below is a video of our lesson...

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Welcome Miss Yip!

Parents and families may have seen a new face around Room 11 lately. We are very lucky to have a new teacher in our class - Miss Yip. Miss Chalmers has one day classroom release most weeks in order to work on her other roles and responsibilities around the school. On these days Miss Yip will be teaching in Room 11. Miss Chalmers and Miss Yip work very hard to make sure the classroom programme is not disrupted and continues to flow smoothly. Here's a little intro from Miss Yip:

Greetings everyone! My name is Keryn Yip- also known as "Miss Yip" and am releasing Miss Chalmers on Thursdays until the end of the year. I live in Wattle Downs and have been teaching primary school children for over ten years. I have two preschool aged boys who keep me busy when I am not at school. So far, I have really enjoyed getting to know the friendly kids and parents in Room 11! We have been enjoying swimming lessons at the local swimming pools as well as the "Wild Robot" chapter chat. If you see me on a Thursday, please feel free to come and say hello :)

For those who are interested, here's a little bit of information about how teacher release time works:

All New Zealand teachers receive a mandatory component of ‘Classroom Release Time’, or non contact time, each term. The amount of time teachers receive varies according to experience and leadership responsibilities. Teachers use this valuable time for a range of tasks such as spending time with individual children doing in-depth testing and assessment (particularly in literacy and numeracy), small group work, observation of other teachers, professional reading and research, updating records etc. Where possible we try to have a consistent release teacher to provide the release for each class, each term.

PB4L, Week 4

Congratulations Xavier, on being awarded this week's PB4L certificate. Xavier is ALWAYS focussed in class and trying his best to succeed with learning. Ka pai, Xavier!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Student of the Month

Way to go Kael! A huge congratulations on achieving Student of the Month for October. As a result of awesome learning choices in class, Kael has made extraordinary progress in Reading. What a star, Kael!

Spooky Stories!

Caution! The stories below may keep you awake at night!

The spooky season was upon us this week. As everyone was talking about goblins and witches anyway, we decided to write "Spooky Stories" and completed some dark and gloomy art. The learning during writing was around specifically choosing vocabulary to enhance a story. Check out our spooky vocabulary chart!

With the art, we learnt lots about use of space, size, colour choice and painting techniques. So, what do you think? Pretty spooky huh?

Field of Dreams Swimming

We always look forward to Thursday in Room 11...Thursdays = Swimming Day! During our lessons we are put into groups so that the instructors can teach us about different swimming techniques. We'll be spending one lesson later on in the term learning about water safety, too. Check out the video below (a big apology from Miss Chalmers if any children were left out of the video - it's hard to keep track when everyone is swimming around the pool!)


Chapter Chat Term 4

In Room 11 we have been reading the story "The Wild Robot" by Peter Brown as part of our "Chapter Chat" studies this term. It's all about a lovely robot, Roz, who gets stranded on an island after a big storm sank the cargo ship she was on. Roz comes across lots of characters in her travels. We went onto our class Twitter account this morning to share photos of the Chapter Chat Task we completed this week with Mrs Yip. Hop on over to Twitter to see what we got up to...