Meet Miss Chalmers

I am very excited introduce myself as the classroom teacher in Room 11 this year. I feel very lucky to have a job I am so passionate about. Every year is a new stage in your child's educational journey and it is important for me as their teacher to build on your child's prior experiences and knowledge. This is a time when children develop great independence in their learning. I hope to encourage and motivate the children of Room 11 to take responsibility for their learning by setting goals, making good choices in relation to learning and behaviour, and most of all by being actively engaged in our full and exciting curriculum.

Here's a little information about me:

I am a mother, partner, daughter and teacher. My not-so-little girl, Gracie, was very excited to start as a new entrant at Reremoana School in August last year. My partner David, and I, like to walk. A lot! We have completed three of the NZ Great Walks and hope to bring Grace along on our next adventure. I grew up in Papakura and began my teaching career at the same school I attended as a child. One of the many reasons I enjoy teaching is that I can freely indulge my love of visual art. I paint, draw, collage and sprinkle glitter.

I feel very strongly about forming positive relationships with parents and family. I'm sure I will see many of you before and after school, please feel free to stop me for a chat. If you would like to make a more formal appointment to discuss your child's progress, or anything we do in Room 11, please email me at

Helen Chalmers

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  1. hi miss Chalmers I like how you made it because of the photos on it.from Oceana